Friday, September 21, 2012

Bad Flag

 You would think with that optic floating around, comparing the "perfected" flag the Obama campaign is using to raise funds to the ghastly blood stains left behind in Benghazi by the vicious murderers of a U.S. diplomatic official that maybe the campaigner in chief would take that particular item off the shelf, but that doesn't seem to be the case just yet. Of course there is more reason than just that to complain, who is this clown to do a redesign of our flag and call it "perfected"? Of course, it is just another sign of the presidents own nigh incomprehensible arrogance.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Get Drunk With The Gourmand

Behold the Witches Brew!!!

Pretty little thing, isn’t it? And perfect for Halloween. But we all know we don't need an excuse for cocktails.
  • 1 oz. Bacardi Dragonberry Rum
  • 1 oz.  Blue Curaçao
  • 1 oz. Crème de Banana
  • Juice of one Lime
  • Black Sugar
Pour ingredients except sugar in shaker with ice, shaking well. Pour into a martini glass rimmed with the black sugar. Sinfully sweet and sure to steal your senses if you have enough of them.

A Gamer Will Be Missed

Sean Smith, a foreign service information management officer killed with three others in an attack on an American consulate in Libya, has been remembered not just as a husband, father and 10-year State Department veteran, but also as an influential diplomat in the sprawling virtual galaxy of EVE Online.

Known to his online friends as "Vile Rat", the 34-year-old State Department officer had a large profile in the multiplayer game EVE Online, which features more than 400,000 players captaining starships, buying and selling virtual goods, engaging in corporate espionage and electing a government composed of real-world players.

He was also a long time member at Something Awful, respected where ever he set up shop online for expertise, friendliness and generally being a stand up person. You can read more here and here.

Fact Checking The President

The Washington Examniner has a great article up fact checking the president entitled "The Obama You Don't Know". Now, I won't pretend to be nonpartisan on this issue, I think the fact checking the mainstream media has done on the president since he jumped on to the national stage has been pretty weak, but this article is great even if it isn't complete.

Actually, that is a point I'd like to dwell on. Despite some people pointing out the chapter format and how well "The Obama You Don't Know" would work well as a series of articles, it still isn't complete. Now, no  one expects a news paper to publish a biography on the president, but the narrative he and his handlers have presented for so long is so filled with falsehoods it seems like that is what it would take to right the record.

The article is laid out in chapters covering the periods and specific lies of Obama's life, from a priviledged upbringing in Menteng, one of Jakarta's most exclusive neighborhoods and private schooling as a teen in Hawaii at one of the most prestigious establishments on the islands while his grandmother served as the Vice President of a bank. The myth of him being a rock star teacher is thoroughly deconstructed and the way Chicago politics shaped him is examined. It's a great, gripping read of a story and shows how the media has flacked for the president over his manipulative "life story" for the last several years.

Morlocks Are Artists

That's right, our friends at the Morlock Revolt aren't just fighting the good fight with humor, but they are adding their own bit of input to presidential art with their carefully worded addition to some donation solicitation material of the President. They also have some great faux album and comic book covers, give them a gander.

News Dump: The Insane Fed, Oil Prices, And More

What's the definition of insanity? Well, if you have ever heard that line before you know it is doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting different results. So is Fed Chairman Bernanke insane for issuing another round of "quantative easing" of the market place, this time aimed at buying up mortgage securities, insane? QE3 is likely to have no more effect than QE1 & 2, where there was a brief period of growth followed by a strong retraction as the pool of free money dries up. With the election drawing closer and oil prices set to skyrocket in the face of middle eastern insanity that President Obama has opposed only weakly and seemingly reluctantly... maybe not. From a political perspective it is purposely timed if he wants to keep a job Romney has already said with be someone elses if the GOP candidate wins in November. It is however insane if you are looking to turn this economy around or reduce the deficit after the U.S. suffered another downgrade of it's credit rating to AA-.

Amidst all the other chaos in the middle east Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is calling for a strong stand and support from America on the issue of Iran and nuclear weapons. Of course he might be just howling at the moon, the current resident of the white house has refused to meet with representatives of our longest standing ally in the region.

Greg Gutfeld of Fox commentary show, The Five scorched Obama and the lame ducks in the mainstream media, watch and enjoy the evil little munchkin lay in with his typical gusto and over the top flair.

Ann Coulter has another article out about our media and how out of touch they are with their complaints that Romney isn't a regular guy, is out of touch, and is a blunderer. Read it all here at Right Wing News, if you want to be even more bemused in the so called "real journalists.

If you liked the Gutfeld video, here is some more fun footage of Obama admitting he is cool with redistribution. Any rube fresh off the turnip truck shouldn't need even more evidence, but there it is in the words of the man himself and if you believe the media hype about him being a great communicator you have to take Obama at his word, don't you?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Now Can I Call Them Savages?

Paragraph three of this article by the International Herald Tribune proves it, Muslims hate us because our freedoms are toxic to them and their insipid, goat buggering ideology. It seems to be particularly true of the Pakistani breed as they are calling on the U.S. to criminalize blasphemy. Can I just say I find it funny how the ones who always call on us to change our laws to suit them are the first ones to accuse us of international meddling? Maybe now would be a good time to reconsider all that aid money we send Pakistan on a yearly basis since their people are threatening the destruction of our diplomatic facilities over there?

JKD Matrix: Next Step Forward In The Arts?

Paul Vunak has been making waves with his claims of creating a complete art based on six parts and informed by the philosophy of Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto. Black Belt Magazine gave him several pages in their most recent issue and even with the article in front of me I'm conflicted. According to Vunak he takes parts from Wing Chun and Savate for their centerline control using trapping and specific kicks respectively, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai are in the mix for grappling and striking  in their cases and because MMA arguably shows them to be two of the more effective martial arts in the world. The last pieces of the puzzle are the Filipino art of Escrima for it's stick fighting and knife techniques and Kino Mutai for "escalating violence". Yeah, I disagree with that last one, and I disagree with it full force. Handling a violent situation isn't a matter of style but a matter of the student and how the teacher instructed them. I've seen Aikido practitioners deal with a threat brutally and Tai Chi Chuan experts that will put an attacker down in a heartbeat.

Those are my complaints, but I do agree with a lot of what Vunak is trying to do, I've studied Thai kickboxing, Escrima, and Savate myself for the reasons he describes and while I still prefer a lot of Karate strikes to Muay Thai ones because the motions are tighter I won't fault someone for disagreeing and I do make use of the thigh kick myself. I took up judo and wrestling for my own ground game and I've picked up trapping techniques along the way.

You would think with that sort of overlap I would be a huge fan of what Paul Vunak is doing and I both am and am not. What a lot of people don't realize is that Bruce Lee was not in favor of "styles" but of using what worked and growing your skills in an organic fashion, remaining receptive to new teachings and allowing them to blend with what you already had to make a whole greater than it's parts. Maybe it is just presentation in this case, but I think anyone who forgets that bit of wisdom and starts crowing about their new style too soon still has some things to learn.

News Dump: Stimulus Money and Chinese Solar Panels, Oh My! And That's Not AIl!

The GSA, it turns out, has been approving the purchase of Chinese solar panels for the greening government buildings initiative that was supposed to be one of those shovel ready jobs the president spoke about in first presidential campaign. To make matters worse these are some of the same companies that are cited as a cause for another government investment, Solyndra, going bankrupt.

Turns out that the Romney "47 Percent" comment that Mother Jones has been hyping may have been edited, they are claiming the camera feed may have been accidentally switched off for as much as two minutes or possibly less, but Breitbart writer makes a pretty good case for there being something more.

So, most people are aware now that we are suspending joint field operations between our soldiers and Afghani forces. It's to the point where we trust our allies so little that we require a two star general to sign off on it to work with them in the field. With friends like these do our boys really need to fight enemies both foreign and domestic?

Not only does author Terry McMillan  despise Romney so much she refuses to name him, now she wants to take away his viagra. How is she so well informed on the state of Mitt's junk, that is what I wan to know.

47 Percent Controversy

It isn't hard to see why some people think this is a slam dunk for Team Obama, but like the cartoon shows, those people where not  about to vote for Romney anyway. What the GOP candidate said is only really controversial if you want it to be since the statement is essentially a factual appraisal of strategy, and  it's a lot more indicative of bias in the media than most people think. All you need to do to reach that conclusion is look at how the press buries the lead any time Obama stumbles on an open mic or footage of him doing something unflattering comes out from his past.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Liberal Lies And The Arab World

Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice is still maintaining these attacks on American embassies, especially the one in Libya, which have made use of rocket propelled grenade launchers, indirect and coordinated fire patterns, and other  military tactics and hardware are spontaneous reactions to a movie (one that has been getting attention on the net since June) while the president of Libya himself admits these were planned terrorist actions.

The timing isn't a coincidence, this blew up on the anniversary of the single largest terrorist attack to ever be directed against America and extremists are coordinating across borders and while the situation in Yemen has been largely peaceful, in Egypt it has been anything but. Violence against reporters and diplomatic officials looks like it might be the new norm in the middle east so why isn't it being reported?

Some would say it is simply because no one in the media wants to admit that Obama's policy in the middle east, and especially concerning the Arab Spring, is working. I have to admit it isn't a bad hypothesis, with the way so many news outlets covered his apology tour, and him bowing to foreign heads of state... you have to wonder if some of the so called journalists are fans of their own country, I just say it's more evidence of the president's cult of personality in the press corps and another reason we need someone... anyone... else in the white house.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fun With Guns

What's old is new again as the EBR, based on the 7.62 NATO M14 battle rifle is set up as a Designated Marksman's Rifle and is being issued to soldiers who need the more potent cartridge and increased range over what the 5.56 NATO M4 carbine provides. Don't get me wrong, I love the M4, but it is nice to see our boys getting issued a tried and true design with a big more bang and range for long distance engagements.

A lot of people are obsessed with the idea of the modern battle field, the idea of one size fits all solutions, and logistical simplicity and while that sort of thinking has it's place when a new  trick... or an old trick made new again is relevant you work it in to your TO&E.

Since '04 branches of the military has been re-issuing the M14 in EBR form, starting with the Navy SEALs and the Coast Guard. The Army has really embraced the EBR and has made two available for every infantry squad deployed to Afghanistan so you know this isn't just a flashy spec ops toy. "Today we are practicing and familiarizing ourselves with our new M14 7.62mm weapon before we go to the range in preparation for our fall deployment to Afghanistan," said Spc. Daniel Lueptow. "Though I understand the need for adjustment for this upcoming deployment, I enjoyed the older model and did well with it on my last deployment."

Many people are happy to see that the Army and other branches of the U.S. military are bringing back the big .30 caliber long-stroke gas operated rifles, with about the only complaint  being that they're not lightweight rifles. The M14EBR-RI weighs roughly 11.5 pounds unloaded and measures in at 40 inches long. That being said, they are pretty soft-shooters that remain effective well beyond 800 meters with glass.

Same Old Song And Dance

MSNBC is trotting out the same old song and dance, calling efforts to eliminate voter fraud as an effort by conservatives to suppress the vote, and the current champion of this charge is long time anchor Richard Lui. Lui is generally about as fair as anyone can be on MSNBC... which is a lot like saying he is the cuddliest wolf in the feral pack,  but it still has to count for something, so it is fairly surprising he is making such a baseless and contentious charge. It comes across as pretty blatantly partisan since he had two liberal experts on his show calling it an effort to keep minorities from voting, but could barely be bothered to quote members of the conservative group True The Vote, whose sole purpose is to insure fair elections and fight fraud. I hate to say it but it looks like Lui is in the tank for President Obama like the rest of the president's mainstream media lackeys.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wake The F#*K Up

That is the title of a advertising spot supporting President Obama that is going to be put out there by the Jewish Council For Education And Research, the same idiots that gave us Sarah Silverman's "free lesbian sex" campaign add where she dry humped a dog. Needless to say this is probably going to be tasteless and since Samuel L. Jackson is going to be in it, likely capitalize on his ability to drop F Bombs.

I'm actually somewhat torn on this, one the one hand I believe politics are important, and this presidential race even more so. Too important to devolve to the level of "entertainment". On the other hand... as much as I disagree with Jackson's politics (He was involved in the black power movement and found it empowering when they started buying guns) I am a huge fan of his work, he has a huge range as an actor from cool and collected, to coldly menacing, to bombastic and over the top. I hope his politics don't burden his career on one side, and on the other I really do wish he would Shut The F#*K Up.