Saturday, September 1, 2012

More Fitness Fun

Last time I did an article specifically on fitness I talked about the 8 count bodybuilder. This time I'm suggesting something a bit different and a bit more focused, the guillotine push-up. I'm not sure where the name came from, but this exercise is a pretty standard push-up variation performed with the hands on some form of elevated platform (traditionally medicine balls) and lowering the head, neck, and chest below the plane of the hands. This stretches and puts additional pressure on the muscles of the shoulder. I tend to do them with the added degree of difficulty of my feet being elevated, so that at the lowest point of the push up a greater percent of my weight is resisting the motion and forcing me to work harder, this also makes keeping proper form a bit trickier and unless you are in good shape can put a bit of stress on the core muscles.

Friday, August 31, 2012

RNC Coverage: MSNBC Fails

You are seeing that right, the tools at progressive news outlet MSNBC (were you can hear about how racist conservatives are 24/7) are apparently so monochromatic and inept their captioning crew can't translate spanish, the second most commonly spoken language in America. I'm not saying everyone needs to speak spanish, I don't know how to for example. I took Japanese in high school as my foreign language requirement (technically the U.S. has no official language, but hey, splitting hairs) thank you very much. The point is, how silly and inept does this make what's supposed to be a major news network? It doesn't help that in an attempt to whitewash their convention coverage MSNBC has cut almost every major speech given by a minority person at the RNC. It seems pretty clear to me at least that this liberal lion is just trying to make conservatives look stupid and racist.... which isn't really news come to think of it.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Brief Message From The Budget Gourmand

No recipe today, just writing this to expound on the pure wonder that is Nutella. Rarely has something so simple been so delicious. made mainly of hazelnut paste and chocolate by Ferrero, an Italian company. I think I'm going to make toast and slather some delicious, creamy, hazelnut and chocolate goodness on that bread tonight.

Charity Breast Squeeze

“Erotica will Save the World” is a 24-hour live-streamed fundraising event that took place last Saturday and Sunday (August 25-26). Men and women (That's right, ladies got in on the action too) came out to enjoy two days of erotically-charged fun and festivities: Some of the areas had stalls selling goods and DVDs like your typical convention, other areas had fun and... interesting... events such as a “Masturbation Marathon.”
The most popular attraction was the “Breast Fundraiser”, which encouraged people to donate to charity. How did it encourage them to do that? Well, when you donate some money you are allowed to squeeze the breasts of one of ten lovely adult video actresses (known as oppai momi in Japanese – yes, they have a phrase for it, this culture has a name for everything). Once you donate you have to sanitize your hands since they don't know where those grubby paws have been, and you get two squeezes per hand. All money went to Stop!AIDS, an AIDS awareness charity. Thanks to Rocket News 24 for the initial article. Now I just wish there were charities running like this in the states... even if it would hurt my wallet.

Lady Loving Libs Lose It Over Ann Romney

 On Wednesday, liberals on Twitter called for the death of Ann Romney, the wife of GOP nominee Mitt Romney, Twitchy reported. As of this writing, the so-called “mainstream media” has refused to report on the hateful threats issued on the social media site.

“I want to murder Ann Romney right now,” tweeted “Gregory Martinez.”

Some called for Mrs. Romney to commit suicide.
 “Why does Ann Romney act like an average mom? B***h kill yourself, you had maids taken care of your f*****g kids,” another person said.

“Ann Romney Need To Kill Her Husband Then Kill Herself (sic),” said another.

“Ann Romney needs to die,” tweeted Quinn McGregor.

Twitchy followed i[ that other Republican women were targeted with the same sort of hateful, misogynistic tweets. Liberals went after Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Senator Kelly Ayotte with the most vile and inexcusable language imaginable.

“The Left’s For The Women card expired long ago. It needs to be confiscated and cut up into little pieces now,” the Twitchy staff went on to say.“War on women? It’s real. But it comes from the Left. A woman dares to refuse to walk in woman-hating Democrat lockstep? She must be attacked, punitively shamed and have her very gender taken away from her. Because, shut up. How dare she have a mind of her own? Now, she deserves to die for believing in conservative principles and freedom. It is weaponized misogyny, literally,” Twitchy said Ironic, isn't it, that the Democrats and their media allies continue to push the narrative that Republicans are engaged in a “war on women.”

Pizza Hut: Now With Squirting Crusts

Overseas Pizza Huts are known for putting a lot of damn odd things in pizza crusts. Pizza Hut Middle East, for example, shoved cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets into its crusts—a massive improvement on 2010's meatball and Philadelphia cream cheese crust.Pizza Hut Malaysia is horning in on the act by providing a pizza with a crust that holds melted cheese and a tangy marinara-like (yeah, right) sauce. It actually doesn't look bad, but unfortunately this offer is not going on in America and doesn't contain bacon so I'm reserving the right to be skeptical. The weird thing is the commercial, watch it for yourself.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

RNC Power Grab

So the RNC Rules Committee has voted to allow presidential candidates to have veto power over delegate selections. This is a huge move to stomp out grass roots movements by establishment politicians, thankfully it is being oppossed, 29 members of the convention have already vowed to file a minority report, more than is actually needed. Conservative blogger Drew McKissick has sent out word for people to put pressure on their representatives at the convention to support the minority report filing because, honestly, with this sort of power grab you know some scheming bastard is trying to have it squashed. The full letter from McKissick is on Michelle Malkin's site here and you can read some commentary on it at The Looking Spoon.

Scheduling Issues

So, some people I have been doing contract work for have continued to make... demands. Yesterday I spent essentially all day in meetings or on the phone arranging meetings with them. Needless to say this put me in something of a "mood". Today I'll post some stuff.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Topless Protests

Activist Karen Heaven, along with several other women, lead a protest in New York yesterday, the cause? Women being able to go topless anywhere a man can. I'm all in favor of this not only because hey, boobs, but also because I don't see anything automatically harmful about the exposed female form. It's prudish to think children somehow need to be protected from nudity, or being offended by it yourself, in my opinion. Requiring people to cover up really is a pretty silly convention of culture, dress codes in work and school make sense because you are trying to convey a specific message and clothing helps convey that message, but if in your private life you want to prance around skyclad don't expect me to join you or touch you (unless you are Christina Hendricks) and we'll be cool. Also.... boobs. That is all.

A Note From The Punk: As several people have commented through various channels to me, asking about this article, I'm going to clarify. It is perfectly legal to go topless in New York, Karen Heaven and her compatriots are just attention whores.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pussy Riot Back In The News

Punk "band" Pussy Riot are back in the news, now because two members are in hiding, in countries with no laws extradition agreement with Russia according to rumors. These rumors are supported by the husband of one of the hiding members of the protest group, and reported in a NBC article, so while I generally dislike NBC good on them.

I am however growing more skeptical of Pussy Riot, they have dominated coverage of the anti-Putin protests and are more of a distraction than anything else. If they come out with an album any time soon I'm throwing in the towel when it comes to supporting them because they'll have proven themselves to be what their detractors claim, a protest group more concerned with infamy than any cause.

R.I.P. Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, died earlier this week. He was a true American hero who played a pivotal role in bringing humanity one step closer to the stars. I could say more but honestly words do not do this man and the unique role he played in history justice.

Super Heroes And Energy

So, I've been a comic book fan for essentially my whole life. Weird powers and old school morality tales blended together in vivid color and delivered at a rapid pace, the medium is really pretty unique. Not to mention how the blending of real science and crazy theories speaks to my inner tech geek. For all that I've always noticed something odd about comic book heroes, their odd relationship with energy. I'm not talking about characters like Iron Man who's arc reactor functions on a form of unobtainium (the exotic element powering his arc reactor, unobtainium for the uninitiated is a plot device in science fiction were writers use a fictional form of matter, energy or what have you to explain a loophole in physics) or even Cyclops who has cellular unobtainium. At least those guys have an excuse. I'm talking about guys like Spiderman and Beast. See, both characters (and a whole host of others) expend a huge amount of energy in terms of intense physical action, physical action that has to be fueled by calories. Most Olympians look like slackers compared to these characters, who regularly make leaps that cover dozens of feet, hurl around amounts of weight that eclipse power lifting records and more.

The problem is where does the energy come from? Well, since these characters are essentially humans with an augmented biology it comes from the food they eat, and while both of the examples are portrayed often enough as having healthy appetites it doesn't scale. Your typical Olympian ingests easilly three or four thousand calories while training and often significantly more than that. You've seen the Olympic Games, oh reader, there tends not to be a lot of spare body tissue (fat) on them. To fuel the significantly higher energy demands of, say, Captain America... well, we're talking tens of thousands of calories. Body builders typically eat several large meals a day (anywhere from five to eight is not unusual, and taken with protein shakes as an add on six thousand calories or more is on the low end of things for a heavyweight body builder) but not Cap. Cap's body and level of exertion in a typical story would usually require several times that effort, he would have literally no time to train due to how much he would need to eat. Even if we say his metabolism is hyper-efficient there are huge demands on his body.

I don't expect this to ever be addressed, and ya, it is a nitpicky issue. Doesn't even stop me from enjoying my favorite titles to tell the truth. It is something that I've noticed for a long time, and no the question is in your head. Enjoy.