Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Way Of The Gun

In light of the shooting in Colorado I thought I would talk a bit about why I'm not a supporter of tighter control on guns, fair warning to the faint of heart, I'm going to include some of my usual snark. Deal with it. There are people on the left (I'm looking at you in particular, Bloomberg, you nanny-state gnome) who think what happened raises the question of what should be done about guns in our nation. They miss the point. By all accounts this kid was a genius with a degree in neurobiology, quiet and a bit moody, but liked by the people close to him. He didn't fit any profile for a crazed gunman that police currently use or even acknowledge as useful. The genie is out of the bottle and he's never going back, people will get guns if they really want them, and if they don't they can find other ways to kill each other.

Despite what your average hippie seems to think murder was pretty common when people had to stab or beat each other to death and the answer now, same as then, is that our personal safety is our personal responsibility. The best way to take care of yourself is, sadly, to familiarize yourself with some method of self defense and keep aware of your surroundings so you can react appropriately to the first sign of trouble instead of when things have gone out of control. For most Americans that should mean getting and learning how to use a firearm safely and skillfully, if that isn't possible for you then there are a whole lot of other options out there but they all take varying degrees of training.

Before some pacifist denounces this let me just say, I'm no fan of violence for its own sake, but as long as there are two hairless apes called humans on this mud ball there will be conflicts. It's just a part of human nature. Evolution hasn't gotten rid of it, and civilization has just helped us aim those nasty urges. I'll beat my sword in to a plow if that ever changes, but until it does I'm going to keep it sharp.

Oh, before anyone comments I will say this, sure the cops have said the shooter in Colorado had a bulletproof vest on, but unless it was a level 3 or 4 vest (illegal for civilian ownership in some states) someone in the crowd could have put him down by emptying a magazine of 40 or 45 caliber ammo in to his center mass, even with no penetration we are talking a whole lot of broken ribs taking this kid out of the fight. I know that sounds like an internet tough guy statement but it was actually pointed out to me by a friend who is far more familiar with modern body armor and firearms than I am, and I'm no slouch, so I'll take his word.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Death And Taxes

Come the end of the year the death tax will be back in full force, at it's antiquated 2001 level of 55% with a drastically reduced exclusion amount. Sound's pretty bad, right? Well, it turns out they are gonna add a 5% surcharge for processing your taxes when you die, so let's hope your parents got the optional expiration date add-on for you in the delivery room, so you can take care of your end of life planning, folks!

Weak Sauce Conservatives

I'm tired of candidates who don't have the guts to fight for their principles. I'll say this right out, I'm a Libertarian, so I shouldn't have a stake in politics between the two parties in theory. The practical side of me has me supporting Republicans more often than not however due to the old adage that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The truth is we Libertarians have never managed to put forth a viable national candidate or organize in a meaningful way. Probably never will to be honest since the party philosophy stresses individualism to such an extent. 

Still, Republicans claim to want smaller government, and most of the reductions of government (at least as a percentage of the economy in earnings and work force) have come from them. They support constitutional rights more often and generally believe in the primacy in the individual, then the state government, then the federal. So why do so few Conservatives really fight for those values publicly? Yes, we have Chris Christie, and  Sarah Palin, but besides them who is really vying for the title of conservative lion? 

Sure you could point to Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, or even Rush Limbaugh, the problem is all of them are commentators on the process and not active politicians. It's all well and good we have people out there speaking about conservative values, but when it comes right down to it we need someone holding office and speaking with the confidence and resolution that sways people, or in every argument the conservative position becomes a defensive one. People respond to self assurance and energy, if we conservatives of various stripes start showing enthusiasm and courage when we speak we can take back the nation and bring it to glory again.

Mea Culpa

Well, I missed posting on thursday, no excuse for it except my boss drives me crazy to the point of needing a good stiff drink and killing some Frenchmen in Medieval II: Total War. Add in the fact I was sick as a dog and posting didn't seem like it was worth it, but I'm back, and ready to rant.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mitt Romney And The NAACP

I've been waiting to talk about this for facts to come out, but it really does look like when Mitt Romney spoke at an NAACP event they didn't want to hear what he had to say, just to boo him and stir up this image of him being another racist republican by claiming he spoke to them so he could be booed. Wrap your head around that sort of circular logic for a second folks, these people are trying to claim Mitt is a racist because he knew he would be heckled by their crowd (oh what civilized behavior on their part) and that it would galvanize the racist voting block behind him. First off, how stupid do they think he is? White racists are such a small minority of the population that it makes no mathematical sense to court them if you want them voting for you, and in this case even supposing Romney wanted some pastey faced, flabby red neck with a couple of extra toes and a deficit of measurable intelligence to vote for him all Romney needs to do is show the president in his ads and the racist contingent will line up behind him.

It's crazy conspiracy theory idiocy pure and simple, but there are some legitimate gripes some people made about Romneys speech. One is he gave his standard stump speech and didn't cater to the crowd. At least it is more coherent than the courting racists claim, but it does show a certain sense of entitlement. Don't the leaders of the NAACP seem just a bit whiny and out of touch when they demand a speaker cater to them, after all? Romney has some pretty clear cut positions and was explaining them as he always does, with the assumption that a crowd that has him speaking is intellectually open and curious and wants him to talk about solutions.

Some complained he didn't get in to specifics on poverty, well, that right there his horse manure. Romney spoke about the connection between poor education and poverty and how he plans to enact what amounts to a national voucher system attaching funding for schools to the children that should be attending them. Out of all the ways liberals claim we should be more like Europeans this is the only way they don't mention and the only one I could ever get behind. Studies have shown that kids in private schools do better while the schools themselves spend less money per child, and when a parent is actively engaged in the education of their child the child tends to do better. Unfortunately those facts don't amount to much in the face of union influence, and the NAACP is firmly in lockstep with the rest of the liberal hive mind concerning vouchers.

Finally there was the complaint about Romney being boring. I honestly have nothing there, Romney is about as exciting as eating plain white bread while watching beige paint dry. I'm fine with that though, Obama was exciting but unprepared for the job. Romney is boring but smart, competent, ad experienced. Which, oh reader, would you prefer?

Coming To A Dealer Near You!

Yes, finally for all those environmentally conscious people who want a car that will immediately reduce their carbon footprint to 0, Toyota has a Solution with their latest Prius! The Prius Solution is the ultimate green car despite some complaints about it's spike not being made from recycled materials. Watch and enjoy, start a donation drive to get one for your favorite patchouli stinking hippie!

Praise The Emperor And Pass The Ammo

No secret about it, I'm a Warhammer 40k fan and love the work Fantasy Flight Games has done on their line of roleplaying games. I've played around with each line, except for Only War, and am in the middle of planning out a new campaign that will have Deathwatch characters fighting alongside agents of the Inquisition far behind enemy lines for at least part of the whole thing. If it goes well it will be an interesting experiment in how everyone at my table sees that particular setting, at worst it will be a diversion from our normal games for a night or two while we blow stuff up and make ludicrous proclamations in a fantasy setting. Either way I'm willing to call it a win.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Death By Snu Snu If You Can Pay

The Telegraph has a story up about how New Zealand prostitutes are destroying road signs by using them to perform pole dances in a bid to attract customers. This of course raises the question of if they are that... hefty, or much more appealingly that strong and rambunctious. If I wasn't happily off the market I would be curious how much it would cost some amazonian kiwi beauty to destroy my bed but not my pole.

Fear Our Weather Machine, Arabs!

Yesterday the Fars News Agency quoted  an Iranian Vice President as stating that their countries drought is part of a soft war, and Hassan Mousavi, their head of tourism and cultural heritage said "The world arrogance and colonist (term used by Iranian authorities to label the West) are influencing Iran's climate conditions using technology... The drought is an acute issue and soft war is completely evident... This level of drought is not normal." I love this, that these backwards ass savages believe so completely in our technological superiority that they are willing to claim we have a weather machine. The only thing that would make it better is if we actually had a weather machine.

Last year, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused Western countries of devising plans to "cause drought" in Iran, adding that "European countries are using special equipment to force clouds to dump" their water on their continent. It is inconceivable that we actually act in a respectful manner towards the demands of such a ludicrously backwards nation, and if I had my way we would be strategically striking them with satellite based weaponry (see my response to Blinking Iranians on Nuking Politics for details) until they pray to us or rename their country East Texas and petition for statehood.

A more serious take on this news can be found at Yahoo! News Canada, for some reason, I think those pesky moose riding hockey lovers might try to claim credit for the Iranians fearing us.

Mexican Bible Camp Forgets Advice to Praise God AND Pass The Ammo

BBC News reported that a Mexican bible camp was attacked by cartel thugs this weekend, and, snarky head lines aside this is pretty tragic. Seven girls were assaulted with several other camp goers being so savagely beaten they had to be taken to the hospital. I have to wonder how much longer Mexico can remain a nation. The problems with the cartels only seem to be getting worse, it has been pretty widely reported and well established that many of them even have connections with the Mexican military and police forces making the rule of law effectively impossible to enforce, in most cases the cartels squads of killers and/or kidnappers are better armed than their opposition thanks to how much military grade gear they have. That isn't our problem yet, but as everything south of our nation's border descends in to chaos there will be more violence spilling over in to the border states and a very real chance of the cartels expanding in to piracy in the pacific and the Gulf of Mexico.

When that happens we will have to make some tough decisions as a nation about what we are willing to do to insure our own survival, lawlessness of the sort that is all too likely to occur if Mexico descends in to complete lawlessness threatens American lives and we'll need to be able to secure our border and insure the safety of ocean going vessels near our coasts. That is one of the issues so often lost in the arguments about border security, and we need to have an eye towards the future and not just the past and present to come up with a long term solution.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Some Telling Admissions

Guy Benson has a wonderfully researched and cited article up at Townhall on some of Glorious Leaders recent admissions in the news of what a terrible job he has done, and half truths that the press has let him get away with, from unemployment rates to Obamas flip-flop on the individual mandate and more. The best part is it is all beautifully backed by research and citations you can smack a hippie liberal with.

ObamaCare Isn't A Tax Program!

 That's right, Obamacare (or ObamaTax as Keln at Nuking Politics puts it) isn't a tax program... it's several taxes.Everything from tanning to elective surgery to  doctor shopping are taxable programs under ObamaTax! Even the mandate Glorious Leader assured us was a penalty for non-compliance is not penalty, but a tax! Who is going to pay for it all? Well, no worries there citizen, this finely crated piece of legislation is meant to penalize the wealthy by taxing them, forget about the fact that the enforcement-as-tax mechanisms are weaker than a late stage tuberculosis patient (and don't you dare mention how it was free market research that got rid of tuberculosis in most of the world), the rich will be made to pay their fair share to insure the forty million without insurance.

No, comrade, it doesn't matter that the majority of that forty million are young adults who are the least frequent users of medical services, or that at least ten million more qualify for medicaid and/or medicare, the will of the people (yes it counts, even when the Democrats reinterpreted the limits of a legislative tool to force a vote and margin they wanted) has spoken and we will all sacrifice tax dollars for the greater good, even if doctor advocacy groups are saying they think  ObamaTax might force them to accept fewer patients and spend less time with the patients they keep, or force pharmaceutical companies to cut their profit margin even further despite having lower margins than the automobile, air travel, or legal industries. Big Pharma should be glad we allow them to keep any of their bloody treasure instead of seizing their hoarded 1-3% industry average! No, my friends, we should all revel in this monumental achievement, and never again sully ourselves by saying it is a tax program!

Our President Is A Dirty Commie

There, I said it, not only is he a blithering ninny when it comes to matters of military intelligence, but he is a commie. In recent comments the president stated that if you "own a business, you didn't make that" as part of his trite class warfare speech, implying that the only reason anyone succeeds is because of the intervention of the state, and therefor the state has a natural claim to their profits in providing for the welfare of others.

On the face of it it isn't a bad trick, businesses do rely on the government for civil defense and the infrastructure that allows goods and services to be moved around. When you take a look below the surface is when the argument falls apart. Everyone has access to the roads and the cops don't check your business' books before policing your neighborhood. We've never had a tax revenue in this country either, our nation has a smaller population than China but our tax revenues alone amount to more than two thirds of the Chinese total economic production, it's a simple matter of our leaders, loving increase to their power, mismanage things so they have a constant growth to their little fiefdom at the expense of the taxpayer and heedless of the balance books.

The idea that somehow everyone getting an even shot  at success entitles the government to ever growing portions of our money is, to be blunt, ludicrous communalism that can only be agreed with if you have Marxist tendencies in the same way Michael Moore has a tendency to eat a lot and self promote.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

No Sleep and No Coffee Make Me Something Something

So I had effectively no sleep last night, probably why I'm posting something on the day I set aside to ignore my own blog, and while it has me a little loopy I also find I'm able to get away with quite a lot. Everyone seems to be really nice and polite so long as you give them the excuse that you haven't slept since yesterday. It's fun, kind of like having a super power in fact because you can get away with so much. If only insomnia was a valid excuse for robbing a bank.