Thursday, November 1, 2012

Westbor Baptist Church Planning Their Own Genocide

The idiots at the Westboro Baptist Church are planning their own ruination, with a protest on Veterans Day at Arlington National Cemetery. Suicidal asshats. Here is a cut from their press release.

Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA    November 12, 2012  10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Westboro Baptist Church will picket Arlington National Cemetery as a perfect follow up to our nice Pentagon Picket.
Did we mention that the Pentagon had fag day last June? The next stop is hell, and as you wait for your body to join your soul, fashioned to be perfectly suited for hell, for eternity, that dead carcass can have a pit stop at Arlington. What a worthless and telling place! They worship the dead there. They insist that you go quietly and that you cannot run and that you must sit if you are in the range of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (listen up rebels, God knows who is in that tomb, he cast that soul into hell, and he called for the tomb, so that in that day, when rebel carcassas come out like worms from their holes to join their rebellions soul, and many more words on that, I say, God has arranged for all the right pieces of dust to join their souls for that trip.
Also, this is Veteran’s Day. Where the nation joins together to shake their fist at God and spit in his face.
They got their dates wrong, day late and a dollar short for their meds, but still...

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