Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Reality of Benghazi

The New York Post has an excellent article up about the testimony of former General and CIA Director David Petraeus on the Benghazi snafu and it is damning to the Obama administration.

Until Friday, there were two possible explanations for why the White House failed to immediately call the Benghazi attack an act of terrorism. One was incompetence, the other was worse.
Now there is only one, and it is the worse one. Based on the persuasive testimony of ex-CIA boss David Petraeus, it is clear the Obama administration made a deliberate decision to mislead Congress and the American people.
The repeated claim that the attack was spontaneous and grew out of a demonstration against an anti-Islam video — a claim made by the president and secretary of State as they stood next to the bodies of four dead Americans — was a monstrous lie. It was vile and done for the basest of reasons.
Because we now know the truth of what happened — CIA reports were edited to remove the names of al Qaeda groups involved in the attack, Petraeus said under oath — we also know the motive. It was political self-preservation, meaning the president and his team put politics first. 

It doesn't get much plainer than that folks. This administration made politics their primary concern over the deaths of Americans, including two Navy Seals and Ambassador Stevens, you can read more here, it is just nice to see some old school media finally taking the president to task over this, not that I expect to see much come of it. The case against Holder is being settled and it looks as if all of the little indiscretions of President Obama's administration will be swept by the wayside.

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