Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pumpkin Carving, Obama's Friends And Foul Weather Drinking

So it turns out there is one more use for guns besides just killing stuff and breaking things, you can also make festive holiday decorations with them. Awesome.

It also appears, according to The Daily Caller, that the reverend who gave president Obama's inaugural benediction is another white guy hating racist. What's that old line about knowing a man by the company he keeps? The pres sure has a bad habit of surrounding himself with crooks, commies, terrorists and racists if you ask me.

I have been reminded recently my alcohol cabinet is inadequately stocked, as I had no port to weather the storm with when Sandy blew through.

Boeing successfully tested a microwave missile that will either eliminate enemy command and control electronics... or make them a lot of popcorn very briefly, maybe both.

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