Monday, October 15, 2012

Romney, Obama And Sensata

So a lot of people in the news are making a lot of noise about Romney owning stocks in Sensata, a company that shipped jobs to China. The thing is while Bain Capitol did buy the company they did it more than a decade after he left the company. He does own stock in Sensata but that isn't the smoking gun it seems to be, since he owns the stock through a blind trust that contractually he has no control over the investments of.

Contrast this with the way Obama owns stock in Sensata through a retirement fund, and has personally invested in other companies that ship jobs over seas according to this Soopermexican article and the narrative becomes a bit more problematic. The October Surprise Part 2? Not really and there is a good chance this will backfire on Obama if any of his mainstream media lackeys bother to report on his finances.... like that would ever happen.

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