Tuesday, October 9, 2012

News Dump: State Of The Punk

So, my schedule has been hectic lately, along with commission work my day job has been tossing 15 hour days my way.

Currently I am signed up for and already working on some ideas to feed in to Vehicle Forge for DARPA's FANG initiative. This is a really great opportunity for people interested in the sciences, military development and the future of the nation to get involved without a huge buy in. Read more here.

Harry "Hairball" Reid has kept up his history of fabricating lies to tell about Mitt Romney, this time the issue is deportation exemptions on which Reid has "quoted" Romney as saying the exact opposite of Romneys stated positions. Read all about it here at the Washington Times.

Twitter is blowing up after word has hit that leaving last week's debate Obama actually believed he had won, read some of the hilarious responses on Twitchy right here.

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