Thursday, October 4, 2012

News Dump: After the Debate

So, it is coming out that Romney fairly soundly beat Obama in the debate. I could have told everyone that would happen. Romney is a man with a history of conveying a vision to his business partners and getting them to buy in, Obama demagogues to crowds that largely  buy in to his vision.

Even Stephanie Cutter, one of The One's campaign staffers admitted Romney won on her own Twitter account, and you can follow the fallout here on Twitchy.

 Joe Biden is doubling down on the dumb admitting that him and the President want to raise taxes by a trillion dollars. Might I suggest his handlers buy him a new Kong chew toy? He seems to have worn out his old one. Seriously though I can see why Obama keeps him around, no one would risk the president's health with this dim bulb on deck should anything happen.

Does good ol' Joe realize tax hikes deflate economies and we are in a recession still? Someone sit him down in front of some school house rock because the old guy is seriously stupid.

Obama spiked the Bin Laden football again in a Denver campaign speech but failed to mention the lost Marines at Camp Bastion. Guess it doesn't fit his narrative about an honorable withdrawal. He also continued the war on lady parts narrative. Can't wait to have an adult in the white house again.

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