Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dissent Is Supposed To Be Patriotic, Right?

16 October 2012: One man’s tropical paradise is another man’s prison. Imagine being “stuck” on Oahu. I’m sure you could think of worse situations, but really stop and think about the following true and evolving situation. You’re a “normal” 34 year-old guy, live on the U.S. mainland in Gulfport, Mississippi, and recently married a woman who is a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy stationed in Okinawa. You’re a citizen of the United States and possess a valid U.S. issued passport. You’re not a criminal and have no history of felony or misdemeanor convictions.  In fact, you recently passed a background check to own and carry a firearm in Mississippi. You are, however, an outspoken patriot for the United States Constitution.

The above is the chilling account laid forth at Northeast Intelligence Network and it lays out how those who disagree with the current administration are being watched and intimidated in some fairly startling ways. The author of the article states that it is an ongoing story and will be doing a segment with one of the people at Infowars, but you should read more here.

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