Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Obama May Be Top Dog, But Only Because The Mainstream Media Are His Bitches

Katrina Trinko has a great article up at National Review about the insane grilling the mainstream media gave Mitt Romney over the situation in Libya and Egypt in relation to comments he made decrying the barbarism over there. In contrast later that same day the group in ideological lockstep with Chris "Tingles" Matthews seemed to give President Obama a complete pass, letting him escape with no foreign policy questions addressed at a press event focused on foreign policy. Is anyone seriously aware of the situation and dismissing the whole issue of media bias? These people laud him as a Nobel winner when he got the prize based on his strength as a symbol of change and they refuse to question him except to toss him softballs on what sort of chili he prefers. Oh, I forgot though, that interview can't be used to criticize the media because we have a president that thinks it dignifies the office to appear on a morning zoo program.

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