Wednesday, September 19, 2012

News Dump: Stimulus Money and Chinese Solar Panels, Oh My! And That's Not AIl!

The GSA, it turns out, has been approving the purchase of Chinese solar panels for the greening government buildings initiative that was supposed to be one of those shovel ready jobs the president spoke about in first presidential campaign. To make matters worse these are some of the same companies that are cited as a cause for another government investment, Solyndra, going bankrupt.

Turns out that the Romney "47 Percent" comment that Mother Jones has been hyping may have been edited, they are claiming the camera feed may have been accidentally switched off for as much as two minutes or possibly less, but Breitbart writer makes a pretty good case for there being something more.

So, most people are aware now that we are suspending joint field operations between our soldiers and Afghani forces. It's to the point where we trust our allies so little that we require a two star general to sign off on it to work with them in the field. With friends like these do our boys really need to fight enemies both foreign and domestic?

Not only does author Terry McMillan  despise Romney so much she refuses to name him, now she wants to take away his viagra. How is she so well informed on the state of Mitt's junk, that is what I wan to know.

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