Thursday, September 13, 2012

News Dump: Islamic Rage, Conspiratorial Journalists, And More!

The U.S. Embassy in Cairo was defaced with pro Osama Bin Laden slogans in the attack, as well as phrases supporting a United Muslim state. Can we call these asshats terrorists yet? They certainly aren't our friend, and anyone who believes this went down without some serious support by the state or at the least the Muslim Brotherhood is a fool or naive at best and a dhimi at worst.

Of course WikiLeaks is making the claim that the U.S. and U.K. are to blame for "normalizing" the storming of embassies by not denouncing the "threat" posed by protestors outside of the Ecuadorian embassy where Julian Assange has holed himself up to avoid Swedish extradition.

We all knew the Mainstream media are frantically trying to spin for The One and insanely point fingers at Mitt Romney over a statement. But we may have proof now of a coordinated effort by journalists to try and make one presidential candidate look bad while covering for his opponent in the White House, and there isn't bias in journalism? You can read a partial transcript and listen for your self at the Righscoop in this article.

Recently Chuck Woolery, game show host and all around entertainer has been hammering Michelle Obama, asking why the AARP doesn't defend Clint Eastwood, and now attacking "racist code" nutters like Toure Neblett. on Twitchty you can see the reaction he has been getting but I'm going to repost his youtube video titled "The Cracker Code" here.

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