Thursday, September 20, 2012

News Dump: The Insane Fed, Oil Prices, And More

What's the definition of insanity? Well, if you have ever heard that line before you know it is doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting different results. So is Fed Chairman Bernanke insane for issuing another round of "quantative easing" of the market place, this time aimed at buying up mortgage securities, insane? QE3 is likely to have no more effect than QE1 & 2, where there was a brief period of growth followed by a strong retraction as the pool of free money dries up. With the election drawing closer and oil prices set to skyrocket in the face of middle eastern insanity that President Obama has opposed only weakly and seemingly reluctantly... maybe not. From a political perspective it is purposely timed if he wants to keep a job Romney has already said with be someone elses if the GOP candidate wins in November. It is however insane if you are looking to turn this economy around or reduce the deficit after the U.S. suffered another downgrade of it's credit rating to AA-.

Amidst all the other chaos in the middle east Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is calling for a strong stand and support from America on the issue of Iran and nuclear weapons. Of course he might be just howling at the moon, the current resident of the white house has refused to meet with representatives of our longest standing ally in the region.

Greg Gutfeld of Fox commentary show, The Five scorched Obama and the lame ducks in the mainstream media, watch and enjoy the evil little munchkin lay in with his typical gusto and over the top flair.

Ann Coulter has another article out about our media and how out of touch they are with their complaints that Romney isn't a regular guy, is out of touch, and is a blunderer. Read it all here at Right Wing News, if you want to be even more bemused in the so called "real journalists.

If you liked the Gutfeld video, here is some more fun footage of Obama admitting he is cool with redistribution. Any rube fresh off the turnip truck shouldn't need even more evidence, but there it is in the words of the man himself and if you believe the media hype about him being a great communicator you have to take Obama at his word, don't you?

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