Monday, September 17, 2012

Fun With Guns

What's old is new again as the EBR, based on the 7.62 NATO M14 battle rifle is set up as a Designated Marksman's Rifle and is being issued to soldiers who need the more potent cartridge and increased range over what the 5.56 NATO M4 carbine provides. Don't get me wrong, I love the M4, but it is nice to see our boys getting issued a tried and true design with a big more bang and range for long distance engagements.

A lot of people are obsessed with the idea of the modern battle field, the idea of one size fits all solutions, and logistical simplicity and while that sort of thinking has it's place when a new  trick... or an old trick made new again is relevant you work it in to your TO&E.

Since '04 branches of the military has been re-issuing the M14 in EBR form, starting with the Navy SEALs and the Coast Guard. The Army has really embraced the EBR and has made two available for every infantry squad deployed to Afghanistan so you know this isn't just a flashy spec ops toy. "Today we are practicing and familiarizing ourselves with our new M14 7.62mm weapon before we go to the range in preparation for our fall deployment to Afghanistan," said Spc. Daniel Lueptow. "Though I understand the need for adjustment for this upcoming deployment, I enjoyed the older model and did well with it on my last deployment."

Many people are happy to see that the Army and other branches of the U.S. military are bringing back the big .30 caliber long-stroke gas operated rifles, with about the only complaint  being that they're not lightweight rifles. The M14EBR-RI weighs roughly 11.5 pounds unloaded and measures in at 40 inches long. That being said, they are pretty soft-shooters that remain effective well beyond 800 meters with glass.

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