Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fact Checking The President

The Washington Examniner has a great article up fact checking the president entitled "The Obama You Don't Know". Now, I won't pretend to be nonpartisan on this issue, I think the fact checking the mainstream media has done on the president since he jumped on to the national stage has been pretty weak, but this article is great even if it isn't complete.

Actually, that is a point I'd like to dwell on. Despite some people pointing out the chapter format and how well "The Obama You Don't Know" would work well as a series of articles, it still isn't complete. Now, no  one expects a news paper to publish a biography on the president, but the narrative he and his handlers have presented for so long is so filled with falsehoods it seems like that is what it would take to right the record.

The article is laid out in chapters covering the periods and specific lies of Obama's life, from a priviledged upbringing in Menteng, one of Jakarta's most exclusive neighborhoods and private schooling as a teen in Hawaii at one of the most prestigious establishments on the islands while his grandmother served as the Vice President of a bank. The myth of him being a rock star teacher is thoroughly deconstructed and the way Chicago politics shaped him is examined. It's a great, gripping read of a story and shows how the media has flacked for the president over his manipulative "life story" for the last several years.

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