Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Liberal Lies And The Arab World

Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice is still maintaining these attacks on American embassies, especially the one in Libya, which have made use of rocket propelled grenade launchers, indirect and coordinated fire patterns, and other  military tactics and hardware are spontaneous reactions to a movie (one that has been getting attention on the net since June) while the president of Libya himself admits these were planned terrorist actions.

The timing isn't a coincidence, this blew up on the anniversary of the single largest terrorist attack to ever be directed against America and extremists are coordinating across borders and while the situation in Yemen has been largely peaceful, in Egypt it has been anything but. Violence against reporters and diplomatic officials looks like it might be the new norm in the middle east so why isn't it being reported?

Some would say it is simply because no one in the media wants to admit that Obama's policy in the middle east, and especially concerning the Arab Spring, is working. I have to admit it isn't a bad hypothesis, with the way so many news outlets covered his apology tour, and him bowing to foreign heads of state... you have to wonder if some of the so called journalists are fans of their own country, I just say it's more evidence of the president's cult of personality in the press corps and another reason we need someone... anyone... else in the white house.

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