Friday, September 7, 2012

Cardinal Shows His Faith

Last night Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the man some people call America's Pope, spoke in front of the DNC last night. I'm not a catholic (anymore) but even I found his sincerity touching, and the courage with which he spoke of the convictions of his faith and the American public touching. He showed an eloquence that would have served him well if he had gone in to politics instead of the clergy. What I liked best were his subtle digs though,  especially when he spoke about protecting the unborn.

Father Dolan has been one of the most visible and vocal protestors of new healthcare regulations which force religious institutions to provide medical insurance that covers abortion services. In keeping with his faith he he did not proselytize but he did make his position known last night with style and class, and for that reason I salute him. You can find the whole transcript of his closing benediction to the DNC here.

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