Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vote Of The Living Dead

True the Vote has sent notice to 160 counties that they have more registered voters than there are live, eligible individuals in their county, so it seems someone is up to some distinctly Chicago style shenanigans. True the Vote is a non-partisan legal group concerned with combating election tampering and was able to determine these counties had a problem by comparing census data with data made available by he bipartisan Election Assistance Commission.

“We are deeply concerned by our discovery of voter rolls across America that contain substantial numbers of ineligible voters, possibly resulting in the disenfranchisement of eligible voters and the subversion of our nation’s electoral process,” the letters to the counties state. True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht also said in a statement to press that “Failing to maintain accurate voter registration records is a flagrant violation of Section 8 in the NVRA.” Engelbrecht also made it clear that True the vote believes it is unacceptable for any county to have the sort of large scale negligence in the maintaining of their Registry.

True the Vote did not say what ends they believe this sort of large scale fraud in the voter registries would serve, but considering the issues with left wing organizations like ACORN I don't think some conclusions are all that hard to come to, do you?

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