Monday, August 27, 2012

Topless Protests

Activist Karen Heaven, along with several other women, lead a protest in New York yesterday, the cause? Women being able to go topless anywhere a man can. I'm all in favor of this not only because hey, boobs, but also because I don't see anything automatically harmful about the exposed female form. It's prudish to think children somehow need to be protected from nudity, or being offended by it yourself, in my opinion. Requiring people to cover up really is a pretty silly convention of culture, dress codes in work and school make sense because you are trying to convey a specific message and clothing helps convey that message, but if in your private life you want to prance around skyclad don't expect me to join you or touch you (unless you are Christina Hendricks) and we'll be cool. Also.... boobs. That is all.

A Note From The Punk: As several people have commented through various channels to me, asking about this article, I'm going to clarify. It is perfectly legal to go topless in New York, Karen Heaven and her compatriots are just attention whores.

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