Friday, August 3, 2012

Some Men Just Want To Watch It Burn

An adaptation of a line from the Joker in the second of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies as well as borrowing from the title of Stanley Kurtz' article at National Review where he goes in to the anti-suburban, wealth redistributionist policies of President Obama. It's an amazingly well done and scholarly article that I won't try to recreate here, I'm just going to try to hit the key notes. It all goes back to BHO's community organizer roots, the major fight in the 80's when the president was about people fleeing the cities for suburbia and how this "unjustly took money from the poorest communities". A bunch of idiotic claptrap, but it was the thinking of the movement the president found himself in. The policy crafters of the movement wanted, and still want, a more "regional" form of thinking with suburban towns folded in to the administration of the cities they surround, sharing schools, infrastructure projects, and more via sharing of tax revenues.

Off course that sort of foolishness never gains traction when gone after directly, you need to convince the generally more wealthy suburban inhabitants to share their money, and the easiest way to do that is to make travel prohibitively expensive, while blocking development of businesses in the surrounding suburban communities. Puts a different spin on those protestors whining about walmart trying to open a store nearby, huh? This drives down property values in those areas surrounding the city by strangling growth of jobs and forcing consumers to spend spend spend in the city. The next step is imposing low income housing quotas to move the urban poor to a new locale where they can be suburban poor.

Criminality may not know race but it does know it's demographics, and the lower classes tend to have a higher rate of crime and a higher rate of recidivism so when you move them to a new area there is a small increase in tax revenue but dramatic increase in the cost of maintaining infrastructure due to vandalism, and an equally large increase in the work load of police departments. The sum of that is you tend to see smaller suburban communities annexed by larger cities in the name of sharing the work and the wealth and it's a particularly insidious form of wealth redistribution, one of President Obama's stated goals during his 2008 campaign and first term. It's not even something he hides, he crows about his belief in economic justice and spreading the wealth around. Kinda scary this guy is called a moderate by the press, huh?

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