Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney Picks Ryan For VP

So Mitt chose Paul Ryan as his choice and while it wasn't what I was expecting it was a pick I can get behind. For one there are no lawyers on the ticket, Romney got his degree in law but never practiced, instead going in to the private sector as a venture capitalist and Ryan's degree is in economics. Secondly it is a pick that appeals to younger voters and staunch conservatives. Paul Ryan is young and energetic, he makes jokes and has an easy going manner, but he also has a keen mind and firm values that are conservative values. While the democrats have failed to pass a budget for the last several years Ryan put forth a budget proposal that would balance the budget and begin paying down the debt within ten years. He can even speak with a fair degree of authority on national security and foreign affairs as he has shown on the news talk show circuit.

Ryan even provides a good visual, a clean cut all american looking guy with a happy family. He is even a bow hunter (a hobby of mine, it takes a fair bit of skill and you need to practice or your skills go fast) so he has the outdoorsman aspect that contrasts with Romney's unmistakable urbanity. Unless something comes out to torpedo Ryan's image it seems Romney has found someone who can actually help him win in november.

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