Thursday, August 23, 2012

Race War! Booga Booga! Vote For Our Guy!

So Buzzfeed has an article up about conservatives fanning the flames of an impending race war that is just so hands ringingly earnest it is kind of funny. It Really does read like an article from The Onion when it dips in to British levels of dry sarcasm. They cite an AP Journalist I've never heard of and such amazingly unbiased sources as NBC and Brown university. They also extensively source Bill Burton, operator of the Obama Super-PAC Priorities USA, and even "black liberal blogger Cheryl Contee" gets to weigh in, stating that "In a country where a significant number of conservatives still believe that the President is not a citizen despite evidence to the contrary, the caustic manipulation of racial tension is inevitable..."

Contrast that with a tepid defense by an "unnamed Romney campaign staffer"  and is it really so hard to understand how conservatives think there is a media bias? The article is a hit piece, pure and simple, the only good news is that it is such an over the top piece of drek that frankly I find it hard to believe anyone will that it seriously.

The problem is stuff like this is all too common. I've covered the Soptic story on here, and a few other noteworthy bits of over eager attack media, and it trends a very specific way. There is a problem in this country with dishonest politicians, and especially with dishonest journalists flacking for one side.

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