Friday, August 10, 2012

ObamaCare Will Raise The Price Of Pizza

Arguably the most perfect food in the history of man, pizza is fundamental to the diet of all patriotic red blooded americans. Unfortunately according to an add up on Politico right now Obamacare will raise the prices of Papa John's deliciousness. I may enjoy cooking, but sometimes  I like to order a pizza and relax and when I do it is Papa's, and while the 15 to 20 cents extra per order they talk about in the article won't break the bank, they also mention the possibility of lay offs, which is exactly what this fragile economy doesn't need more of.

Then there is the fact that as this graph shows, the projected costs of Obamacare rise with every new estimate, meaning the costs to business owners will continue growing. In the long term that means they pass on the cost to the consumer by raising their prices, or they reduce their costs which most often means a reduced work force. Obviously I'm more worried about increased costs, won't someone please think of the pizzas?

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