Monday, August 13, 2012

Obama and the Soptic Story

So, Obama went to the bottom of the barrel with the Soptic story, an old man claiming that he couldn't maintain insurance for his wife, and implying that if he had been able to she might not have died of cancer. Why? Evil Mitt Romney and Bain Capital bought the company he worked for, and then sold off it's assets, sooooo evil. The problem is that Bain closed the company Mr. Soptic worked for in 2001, two years after Romney left the company. Well, that is one of the problems. It turns out that Bain offered Mr. Soptic a buyout package which he refused, and Mrs Soptic had her own private insurance when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2003. At no point did Romney or Bain Capital (which he was no longer a part of) act irresponsibly.

Now, some are going to get miffed by me putting any of the blame on the president for this ad, after all it was produced by a Super PAC. Not his fault, right? Well it turns out that one of his campaign staff, Jen Psaki was coordinated efforts between Mr. Soptic, the aforementioned PAC and the Obama campaign itself. In point of fact Mr. Soptic does appear in a campaign ad for the president's campaign, but does not go in to the specifics he does in the PAC ad. When you get that level of coordination and cooperation you can't reasonably claim to have been hands off, sure the mainstream media are covering for Obama, but it doesn't seem to be working as more and more people turn to alternative news sources to stay informed, and the vicious tone of the president's campaign is eroding his likeability which some would say is his biggest strength. Is this sort of mud slinging going to tarnish president Obama's image? Certainly, and in a close race he can't afford that. I just hope it helps people see the man for who he really is.

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