Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Newsflash: Illegal Immigrants Released By The Feds Committed More Crimes!

The Washington Post has an article up about the 16% recidivism rate of illegal immigrants that the Obama administration was notified of but declined to detain and deport. The article points out that this recidivism rate in a selected group of forty seven thousand immigrants is only part of a much larger statistic, of the one hundred and sixty thousand illegal immigrants reported by Secure Communities criminal activity resulted in more than sixty thousand additional charges. Some of the individuals reported were not in fact here illegally of course, no system is perfect, but this is a clear example of why control of our borders is needed, many of the worst offenders had extensive criminal histories in their native countries that should have barred them from entering the United States as these patterns of behavior clearly show the individuals in question had no intention of becoming law abiding citizens, but instead  burdens on society as they are repeatedly jailed at the taxpayer's expense.

Just among the studied group criminal activity included nineteen murders, three attempted murders, and one hundred and forty two sex crimes. People like that do not deserve the benefit of the doubt and I don't mean immigrants, I'm no xenophobe, I mean people who come here illegally. That initial act shows a complete disregard for our system of government and the culture of respect for the rule of law that is fundamental to the American experiment. Break our laws and you should go directly to jail and then back to your own nation, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars. I'm sorry if that seems harsh to anyone but it is what is necessary to protect our country and culture from devolution in to a morass.

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