Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Black Panthers are at it again

Michelle Williams the “Chief of Staff” of the New Black Panther Party says the NBPP’s are going to be on the the necks of the GOPers at the RNC. That is the cleaned up version of her statement at least. Maybe we should applaud the NBPP for having a woman in such a position considering how traditionally chauvinist they are, but I'm a bit more concerned with what the media would be doing if a white person had made a similar statement about the congressional black caucus or a similar group? When does liberal white guilt end and we can call these people what they are, racist jackasses who buy in to Malcolm X's rhetoric at the expense of Martin Luthor King's dream, exactly?

Ok, fine, I'm a white guy and I don't "understand the struggle" except for the fact I'm Irish and Roma, two groups with a history of subjugation, oppression, and exclusion that is pretty recent too. Do these people not get that the rhetoric of  violence and racial animosity harms the cause of equality and justice? Screw it, some people just don't want to think it through that much, I suppose. Too emotionally invested in the struggle.

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