Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Liberal Media Priming The Public For Vote Recounts

CNN has an article out discussing the fact that Republicans in several states have passed laws requiring proof of identity at the voting booth and in typical fashion for the lame stream media they are turning it in to some horrible case of vote suppression. Right, and it's a horrible breach of my civil rights when the cashier asks for my I.D. to buy a bottle of whiskey. The simple fact that democrats and their activist groups are on this is worrying considering True The Vote has put 160 counties on notice about their voter registration rolls. But the fact is by attempting to prime the public for vote recounts in november they tip their hand concerning a tactic they are going to use to try and keep "their guy" in office and it really is a bit disgusting that they are this open with their bias while still claiming there is none.

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