Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Koalas Catch The Clap!

It's no secret I'm a bibliophile, and I've just started a new book I have to suggest to anyone interested in the relationship between man and animal. That book is "Zoobiquity: What Animals Can Teach Us About Health And The Science Of Healing", and right from the start it grabs the attention with the parallels between humanity and our kin in the animal kingdom.

As someone who has studied zoology (don't get me started on obligate hemovores, my particular specialty) and alternative medical theories like comparative medicine this book plays to my particular intellectual bent, but the writing is accessible enough for even the basest lay person to get, with ideas laid out in an open and easily read manner that goes step by step through how studying animals used to be part of standard medical practice and how it can benefit us today in a variety of areas from cardiology to behavioral sciences.

An interesting note is the author musing on how studying koalas, which by default practice unsafe sex and are experiencing a chlamydia epidemic, might help us understand transmission in certain human populations. In a latter chapter the authors, and the book is co-authored by doctor Barbara Natterson-Horowitz and her associate Kathryn Bowers, go in to the matter in some detail. The book manages to put forward a number of examples in a light but intellectually engaging manner. Needless to say I am suggesting this as a perfect weekend read if you are of a particularly inquisitive mindset.

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