Saturday, August 18, 2012

Insulin Shock Videos

The rare and utterly adorable sand cat was once extinct in Israel, but now thanks to concerted efforts by the Tel Aviv safari and Jerusalem Zoo. Typically these painfully cute members of the family felidae live in deserts such as the Sahara. Felix Margarita, as they are technically called, are also referred to as sand dune cats, and are unique for their large, pointed ears, short and stocky build and the fact that they have large fur tufts between their toes to help insulate their foot pads against the heat of the sand in their desert homes. In fact sand cats are so specialized for their environment that when kept in captivity they must be housed in rooms with a low humidity and high temperature or they suffer a variety of respiratory infections, which are the leading killer of sand cats in captivity. Only 26 captive sand cats are housed in the United States, making them uniquely rare even in zoo exhibits. Bloody adorable, though, aren't they?

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