Thursday, August 9, 2012

Harry Reid Might Want To Move Out Of His Glass House Before Throwing Stones

Harry Reid has gotten his name all over the news by making the baseless charge that presumptive G.O.P. presidential candidate Mitt Romney hasn't paid his taxes in ten years. Reid has claimed that he doesn't feel the burden of proof is on him, and has  refused to name his sources so it is fairly obviously purely a partisan attack but maybe the Senate Majority leader should take a look in the mirror and catalog his own weaknesses first, because Western Journalism is airing all his dirty laundry. They're even providing sources for their charges.

From dirty land deals like the Del Webb land swap and Coyote Springs were he made small fortunes illegally, to being tied to chinagate figure Huang and being revealed as a sock puppet for George Soros it is bad. The article goes in to Harry Reid's knowledge of ACORN voter registration and exposes him as a man who supports gun grabbing anti-2nd amendment legislation, a political operative who talks out of both sides of his mouth on abortion and gay marriage, and a whiffling wimp on national defense. I could go on and on, the article is beautifully researched and written though, so you are better served reading for yourself and deciding on your own how much credibility to assign the senator.

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