Friday, August 17, 2012

DHS And Their Wonderful Redactomatic

Clash Daily has an article up on the heavily redacted no bid contract for an undisclosed amount of ammo. Coupled with their purchase of riot gear it has some people asking what the department is preparing for, and what level of force they are planning to use against U.S. citizens. Follow the link and read the entire article.

In any case the further militarization of law enforcement, and that is what the Department of Homeland Security is if you go by it's charter, is concerning. Supposedly this uparming is for crowd control at the RNC and DNC but I still find it questionable that among other things we do know they acquired tens of thousands of rounds of hollow point ammo.  Hollow point rounds are meant to cause maximum trauma to an unarmored target after all, and with the training that DHS and other low enforcement receive the typical scenario is that you shoot for center mass and don't stop till the target is down. I hope I'm not the only one who sees how the combination of that style of engagement, that type of ammunition, and a charged political atmosphere are troubling.

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