Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cupcakes And Hookers, Sounds Like A Party!

By now everyone has heard about the bakery owner who refused service to Biden and his entourage in Virginia over the president's "You didn't build that" line. What most people are unaware of is that the secret service are so fed up with the current administration that they returned to the bakery and ordered a huge amount of cookies and cupcakes from the owner, Chris McMurray, that between that and a jump in requests from local patrons caused the confectionery to run out of food by 1:15 in the afternoon. We find that out thanks to the the Valley Reporter, a local newspaper. Normally I'm not a fan of food-as-protest but even I have to admit it is shocking, and kind of funny, the reaction that the current administration is getting from middle-americans and small business owners. It definitely doesn't say anything good for the president, but beyond that Biden had been promised a cookie if he was a good boy, and now the president isn't going to get him to bed on time.

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