Thursday, August 30, 2012

Charity Breast Squeeze

“Erotica will Save the World” is a 24-hour live-streamed fundraising event that took place last Saturday and Sunday (August 25-26). Men and women (That's right, ladies got in on the action too) came out to enjoy two days of erotically-charged fun and festivities: Some of the areas had stalls selling goods and DVDs like your typical convention, other areas had fun and... interesting... events such as a “Masturbation Marathon.”
The most popular attraction was the “Breast Fundraiser”, which encouraged people to donate to charity. How did it encourage them to do that? Well, when you donate some money you are allowed to squeeze the breasts of one of ten lovely adult video actresses (known as oppai momi in Japanese – yes, they have a phrase for it, this culture has a name for everything). Once you donate you have to sanitize your hands since they don't know where those grubby paws have been, and you get two squeezes per hand. All money went to Stop!AIDS, an AIDS awareness charity. Thanks to Rocket News 24 for the initial article. Now I just wish there were charities running like this in the states... even if it would hurt my wallet.

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