Thursday, July 5, 2012

Some Really Old Crow

Bryan Fite, a Missouri man, recently found thirteen bottles of Old Crow bourbon whiskey in his attic while doing some wiring to save money on the installation of central air conditioning in the house he moved in to with his wife in 2011. Fite plans to open the bottles in 2017 when they will have officially hit the one century mark, as the whiskey was bottled in 1917 after being distilled in 1912 and 1913 and then barrel aged.

Unfortunately for Fite whiskey in general has too high of an alcohol content to support micro-organisms that could have processed sugars in the whiskey to alter it's flavor profile like what happens with wines, in fact if their was a defect in the corking or capping of the bottles the alcohol could have easily evaporated over the 95 years it has been sitting around, so the bottles are essentially a curiosity and could never fetch the sort of prices truly old wine does.

Still.. pre-Prohibition whiskeys do have the historical curiosity going for them and sometimes do sell well at auction. An extremely rare single malt once sold for $100,000. The problem is these particular examples are from a common maker. Old Crow is bottled by Jim Beam, between that and a down market a lot of antiquities and historical curiosities, more than at any other point in recent history, fail to even meet their reserve price when put up for auction.

All that said, damn would I love one of those bottles falling in my lap.

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