Saturday, July 7, 2012

Signs Of The Times

Pro-anorexia website Skinny Gossip is slamming model Kate Upton for her look in a series of Carl's Jr. adds, saying she looks fat and likening her to a cow by making the joke that they thought cannibalism was illegal.You can see exactly how moonumentally overweight Upton looks in this picture and it is an obviously stupid claim, but my whole issue is... Pro-anorexia?

 The site has a starving tip of the day section, how colossally screwed up are we as a society that we have people coming out in favor of starving yourself to the point of malnutrion in the quest to attain some sort of body that hides what you are, namely a woman.

Let's be honest folks, Keira Knightley has a gorgeous face but when it comes to bodies 99% of guys are going to show a whole lot more interest in Christina Hendricks. Then there are the health issues. Anorexia leads to skin conditions, joint pain, loss of muscle mass, and a whole host of other issues. If anyone who reads this is actually considering going on some form of radical diet I would seriously suggest looking it up, for a start I would say go to McCallum Place's website to get an excellent overview, they are an eating disorder treatment center.

The plain fact of the matter is there is no one perfect weight, everyone has slightly different body types, but when it comes to society's feminine ideal Kate Upton is pretty damn close to it and the fact that the writer for Skinny Gossip called her a cow is kind of disturbing, so I am writing this, calling out to all curvy girls to celebrate their bodies... after all, I celebrate them plenty.

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