Sunday, July 8, 2012

Perez Hilton Takes A Shot at Adam Carolla

Kinda like my friend C. taking a swing at Mike Tyson, and C. is maybe 150 lbs. of snarky little asshole. Adam Carolla made some comments about women not being as funny as men in general to which Perez Hilton takes umbrage but I kind of agree with. Am I saying I'm going to be invited to a friar's club roast before Kathy Griffin? No, but women like her, Sarah Silverman, Lisa Lampanelli are all exceptions to the rule and for every funny female comic you name I can name a half dozen guys who are in the same arena as them. I'm not even going to say it is all down to nature, some of it is gonna be nurture.

Guys generally feel more comfortable pushing boundaries when we joke around because in a way it is expected. I know I've said some pretty horrible things to my best friends, including telling one of them I hope he gets raped by a honey badger, or making scheisse jokes when my friend D. who is uber-german got a glass coffee table for his new apartment. When it comes to comedy dirty is easy, shock can be effective, and for men there are fewer truly taboo topics. I don't know, maybe I'm taking it too seriously though, it could just be Perez being a nancy boy.

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