Monday, July 16, 2012

Our President Is A Dirty Commie

There, I said it, not only is he a blithering ninny when it comes to matters of military intelligence, but he is a commie. In recent comments the president stated that if you "own a business, you didn't make that" as part of his trite class warfare speech, implying that the only reason anyone succeeds is because of the intervention of the state, and therefor the state has a natural claim to their profits in providing for the welfare of others.

On the face of it it isn't a bad trick, businesses do rely on the government for civil defense and the infrastructure that allows goods and services to be moved around. When you take a look below the surface is when the argument falls apart. Everyone has access to the roads and the cops don't check your business' books before policing your neighborhood. We've never had a tax revenue in this country either, our nation has a smaller population than China but our tax revenues alone amount to more than two thirds of the Chinese total economic production, it's a simple matter of our leaders, loving increase to their power, mismanage things so they have a constant growth to their little fiefdom at the expense of the taxpayer and heedless of the balance books.

The idea that somehow everyone getting an even shot  at success entitles the government to ever growing portions of our money is, to be blunt, ludicrous communalism that can only be agreed with if you have Marxist tendencies in the same way Michael Moore has a tendency to eat a lot and self promote.

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