Monday, July 9, 2012

Old Songs Revisited

Ok, I have pretty odd musical taste, I admit it, stuff ranging from The Dubliners, to Lordi, from Billy Idol to Frank Sinatra and jumping from there to AC/DC. I was in a punk rock band briefly in high school and can still belt out a few tunes pretty well. Long and short of it? I love music. That being said there are some old songs that make me scratch my head, and one in particular is bugging me.

"Get Outta My Dreams" by Billy Ocean sounds like a typically innocuously up-beat 80's love song right up until you think about it. Ostensibly the singer has never seen this woman before and yet he is telling her to get out of his dreams and in to his car, sounds stalkerish and if I was a woman the guy that used that line would be getting a face full of mace a lot sooner than my phone number. Seriously, how much cocaine was everyone on back then?

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