Monday, July 30, 2012

More Scandals From The DOJ

Brandon Darby, a former FBI operational asset, is speaking out about the refusal of Eric Holders DOJ to go after traffickers of children. The fact that this sort of crime is not just a non-priority, but actually being ignored is disgusting, children sent through the black market often end up as slaves or worse sexually objectified by the people who purchase them. This is the worst sort of crime, one most people never realize happens in the modern world or if they do they assume it is a third world problem.

The sad fact is thousands of children every year are put through this disgusting trade  in the United States alone, Darby is perfectly placed to know about any operations the DOJ has going concerning child trafficking, with a long list of contacts from his days as a human asset (what is commonly called an informant by laymen) and in the Townhall Article lays out his reasons for his claims and the process by which he reached his conclusions without blowing the security of anyone active in the field. It is shocking, damning of the Department of Justice, and one more reason that in my not-so-humble opinion Eric Holder needs to be brought up on charges as it proves Holder is either incompetent or willfully misusing the powers of his position and negligent in his duties.

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