Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mexican Bible Camp Forgets Advice to Praise God AND Pass The Ammo

BBC News reported that a Mexican bible camp was attacked by cartel thugs this weekend, and, snarky head lines aside this is pretty tragic. Seven girls were assaulted with several other camp goers being so savagely beaten they had to be taken to the hospital. I have to wonder how much longer Mexico can remain a nation. The problems with the cartels only seem to be getting worse, it has been pretty widely reported and well established that many of them even have connections with the Mexican military and police forces making the rule of law effectively impossible to enforce, in most cases the cartels squads of killers and/or kidnappers are better armed than their opposition thanks to how much military grade gear they have. That isn't our problem yet, but as everything south of our nation's border descends in to chaos there will be more violence spilling over in to the border states and a very real chance of the cartels expanding in to piracy in the pacific and the Gulf of Mexico.

When that happens we will have to make some tough decisions as a nation about what we are willing to do to insure our own survival, lawlessness of the sort that is all too likely to occur if Mexico descends in to complete lawlessness threatens American lives and we'll need to be able to secure our border and insure the safety of ocean going vessels near our coasts. That is one of the issues so often lost in the arguments about border security, and we need to have an eye towards the future and not just the past and present to come up with a long term solution.

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