Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Human Helper Monkey

I've been working as the web admin for a local charity, really I should call myself the web monkey. The boss has me fixing issues with peoples personal laptops, debugging and cleaning components that have nothing to do with the charity. Why is it that people above a certain pay grade view everyone under them as labor and not people? Is it really just simple arrogance or what?

I've had this issue before, when I worked as part time handyman for a business I was always fixing things my boss there brought in, just to keep the peace, one time the guy even tried to get me to come to his house to fix a leak. Thankfully I was out of town at the time so he couldn't complain too much when I told no. I know it's not because I'm too nice to say no, I say no to people fairly often and my friends have called me an asshole enough times for it to be a valid descriptor, so why do my bosses view me as a human helper monkey?


  1. Because they know you can do it and will do it for free. Some people have no qualms about taking advantage of us.

  2. I agree except for the free part, maybe it's my inner stingy Irishman but I never work without being sure I'm going to get my due.