Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Getting Fit

I'm kind of a health freak, that's not to say I look like a fitness model, but I try to keep trim. I'm only a few years from 30 so it's definitely harder than it used to be but generally I'd say I'm in better shape now than at 20 thanks to the work I've put in. A big part of it is keeping your routine from being too routine. Lately I've dropped push ups and running from my exercise regime and added more time doing martial arts forms, speedbag work, and the venerable military burpee. I first became aware of the burpee in the army and it is a great full body workout, the military variant is also called an 8 count body builder and is outlined below.

Military 8 count bodybuilder
  1. Squat with hands on the ground,
  2. Kick back your feet,
  3. Down for push up,
  4. Up for Push up,
  5. Kick feet back in,
  6. Stand up,
  7. Motion one of a jumping jack,
  8. Motion two of a jumping jack.

By repeating this simple, equipment free exercise you get a good, full body workout that develops cardiovascular health and muscle strength in a way that develops explosive power needed to generate force rapidly from a resting position. It's one of the best exercises I know for this purpose and it can be incredibly flexible, if you want to focus more on the shoulders and triceps you can change out the regular pushup of steps 3 and 4 for dive bomber push ups, or to focus on the chest, tricep and biceps make that standard pushup a "clap" pushup. You can add stress throughout the whole thing by wearing a weighted vest or even just a backpack with sandbags in it.

Well, that is my exercise tip, I should mention I'm not an M.D. and different bodies can handle different stresses so consult your doctor before starting a fitness program.

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