Monday, July 23, 2012

Can Every Politician Please Shut Up About Aurora

I know this will seem callous but could every politician just shut up about the tragedy in Aurora? We get it, you feel their pain. F**king ghouls. The fact of the matter is we all feel bad for the people who were hurt or lost loved ones in this shooting, you would have to be a sociopath not to, politicians don't need to remind us of the fact they are human since they fail far too often for us to forget. They do press events like the president did last night not to show solidarity with the victims but to pull at our heart strings.Gustave Le Bon described the psychology of crowd behavior quite well a century ago, emotion is the great manipulator of crowds and a politician speaking in the wake of one of these events is not appealing to our reason.

Call that cynical if you must, but even if it is cynical it is far more likely than the idea that President Obama was so overcome with emotion 4 days later that he needed to read a prepared statement in front of the national press. It is incivility dressed up in mourning clothes to pretend you care about each individual in a crowd of victims you have never met and recount their stories while trying to curry public favor, and every politician right or left who does it should be shamed.

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