Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Book Review Time

I just got the missing piece in my collection for a great author and series, David Gunn and his Death's Head series are great pieces of dark, militaristic science fiction. The stories focus on Sven Tveskoeg, an antisocial antihero who gets the job done in his own imitable fashion, armed with his trusty SIG-37 intelligent gun snarking at him while the odds are stacked against him. Sven is an intriguing mix of bloody minded savage, no nonsense soldier and a weird self imposed code of honor that none of the civilized folks around him seem to understand.

It all makes for an interesting read, thanks in no small part to Gunn's ability to write an action sequence and let you in to the head of his main character, who is also the narrative voice. These books have been out for a few years already, but that just means if you can find them they won't cost you too terribly, and the energy of them make them hard to put down.

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