Saturday, June 30, 2012

You Say I'm A Game Nerd Like It Is A Bad Thing.

So I've been expanding my collection of rpg's both electronic and tabletop lately. Of course the issue with videogames is they only give you so many options, the issue with tabletop rpg's is getting a group together and having everyone agree on a game. I'm lucky in the regard that I have a good group of friends to game with on the weekends and we have a few games that we will consistently play but I'm pretty much the one who keeps bringing new stuff to the table.

It's fun and frustrating because while I always have to poke and prod a bit, eventually everyone gets in to it and lately we have been exploring the grim-dark world of Warhammer 40K as statted out by Fantasy Flight Games, this company has a lot of cool stuff and I can't wait for their Star Wars rpg system. Sure they have the typical issue all rpg companies have of an ever expanding catalog of stuff, some of which is awesome, some of which is ok, and some just makes you scratch your head and makes you wonder what they were thinking.

That said I will say they have less head scratching stuff than you would expect considering the source material, gothic horror in space isn't exactly the most normal material, and most of their rules make enough sense that the ones that are confusing you can gloss over and ignore during a game to keep things moving, and then make a house rule on later. It's why I'm so excited for their Star Wars stuff, that and how beautifully rendered the books are. Big, tough, hard covered books with sturdy binding and loving illustrated pages, even if I wasn't a game nerd they would set off my inner bibliophile.

Bring the bibliophile, the game nerd, and the Star Wars fan boy together and Fantasy Flight Games will have to work hard not to get my money, and if they get my money I will admit they will get a fair bit of it, I'm not going to buy just the core book in all likelihood and you do pay for the quality with this company even if they don't put the screws to you quite as hard as Games Workshop, the producers of the 40K miniatures game and novels that the rpg is based on.

All in all, I can honestly say damn it is good to be a nerd these days.

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