Thursday, June 21, 2012


Well, the smart, funny and mercilessly vulgar animated take on the spy thriller, Archer, won the Critic's Choice Award for best animated series, not exactly a shocker since most of the competition out there was for children or mind numbingly boring. The only shows I would call competition for it out of the nominees were Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Family Guy. Since critics still either dismiss anything about a galaxy a long time ago or are rabid fanboys themselves, and every character on Family Guy has been Flanderised to the nth degree it is unsurprising, and to be clear I am a rabid SW fanboy myself (I have dictionaries for both the Sith and Mandalorian languages) and loved Family Guy for years, I just didn't see them winning the new Critic's Choice Award. Definitely not with the suave, engrossing, and energy laced style punctuated with over the top humor, call outs to the source material, and outright parodies of genre tropes that is Archer. So congratulations to the writers and actors, suck it to the producers, and remember, when they're dead they're just hookers.

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