Friday, June 22, 2012

The Most Arrogant Man In The World

Over at Never Yet Melted they have a great parody of the dos equis "most interesting man in the world" commercials that I'm almost sure everyone has seen  but, hell, I like it so much I'm linking it. I'm going to be clear here, I'm a libertarian and didn't vote for Obama, believing he was a federalist who believes in the supremacy of the state over individuals. I did however hope he would prove me wrong since every nation that moves towards a powerful state-centrist system inevitably decreases the freedoms of it's populous (Soviet Russia, Maoist China, Khmer Cambodia and so on and so forth), I'm a patriot and love my country after all. I wanted to believe the best man possible was serving as president.

 I'm of the opinion that Obama has if anything proven my concerns valid, acting in defiance of the will of the people in regards to "stimulus" spending, health care reform that will take freedom and choices out of the hands of the consumer, and a justice department  that obfuscates at every turn while claiming complete transparency. To be blunt, Obama and his administration have been, as this video claims, the most arrogant in the world.

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