Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Middle Fingers and F-Bombs at the White House

Last week something... interesting... happened. at the 2012 LGBT pride reception (no the fact that there is an annual LGBT pride reception is not the surprise) two of the activists, Matthew “Marty” Hart, a director of the leftist organization, Solutions for Progress, and an activist photographer, Zoe Strauss, posed for a photo in front of a portrait of President Ronald Reagan with both their middle fingers extended. They then posted the photo on Facebook with the caption “Fuck Reagan”.

That isn't what I find interesting either. What I find interesting is the lack of coverage this received. Assuming they had issues with Reagan it is a puzzler, sure Ronnie wasn't exactly a friend to the LGBT community, but he was hardly an outspoken enemy of theirs and even said that as a good christian it wasn't his place to judge or condemn them, but God's place to do so. Considering the popularity Reagan continues to hold, even after his death, and how middle of the road he was on the topic the fact that such... coarseness isn't remarkable is itself remarkable.

These aren't the silly and somewhat vapid street level protestors, these are people highly placed enough  to be invited to a white house reception by the president himself. Show some class people. I have friends in the LGBT community, some of them quite active in politics. My first tattooist was my roommate and a very outspoken lesbian who now lives with her life partner. This stuff matters to me and I'm saying it because it needs to be said, drop the angry teenager act people. It won't win you any converts and makes you look, frankly, to be stupid. You need to win your case by arguing it well, not by making petulant little gestures out of some misplaced sense of anger, people.

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