Friday, June 22, 2012

Freedom of Speech

Well, the left wingers are at it again, Media Matters is gearing up to try and shout down any sort of conservative speech during this election cycle and recently admitted that their reportage and political actions concerning Rush Limbaugh's comments on Sandra Fluke were pre-planned operations, in place in case the media giant said something they could spin in to a controversy. They didn't exactly have to wait long, Rush is known for throwing verbal pipe bombs and like Ann Coulter is a favorite target of the left. I'm not going to ask you to cry for either of them, they're adults who can take care of themselves. Hell, even if they couldn't they have more than enough money to hire a veritable army of handlers if they chose to.

What I am going to talk about is the way the left has a problem with conservative speech. I'm never going to call for Rachel Maddow to be fired, her show is too damn funny for me to want off the air, and Chris Matthews is great for giving the old MST3K treatment to. Comparitively most on the left are... less than tolerant of dissent, from protest campaigns against conservative speakers (Michelle Malkin has had things thrown at her, as has Miss Coulter, Neal Boortz, Larry Elder and a whole host of others. If you are black and outspokenly conservative expect at best to be called an Oreo like Bill Cosby when he commented that the disintegration of the black community was caused in large part by the black community eschewing traditional morals) to SOPA and net neutrality laws (Despite the HuffPo and Daily Kos conservative sites on average get far more traffic by just about every metric, SOPA and net neutrality were both pretty thinly veiled moves to eliminate large sections of political speech through different workaround on the 1st amentment) to out right threats of violence (Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and Laura Ingraham have all called out the hypocrites who talk about them trying to cause violence with every book or article they write, and then call for someone to kill them.)

No matter how you look at it there is a huge discrepancy in how the two parties look at freedom of speech with the conservatives taking a traditionalist view that respects the first amendment while liberals try to dance a merry little jig on it's grave. If you still aren't convinced go over to the Soopermexican and read the piece he has up that inspired this little rant, he even goes in to the relationship between Media Matters and the Obama re-election effort.

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